Time your speedruns directly from your iPhone.

Add a game, the segments and start!

For each game, setup as many categories as you want. Each category has its times that you can adjust and that you will improve over time.

During runs, you can choose the timer precision, countdown duration and other customization options.

Made for iOS…

The app is fast, intuitive, and feels right at home on the system. It adapts to your system font size to always be legible.

Quickly access your games from the Home Screen using widgets.

Your data is automatically synced between all your devices using iCloud to start runs whatever the device you’re on.

…and iPadOS

On iPad, keyboard shortcuts enable you to control your run without even touching the screen.

And multitasking capabilities are here to make the use of another app side by side with your timer possible.

Privacy policy

Neither the app or the website collect any kind of data. There is also no ad or analytics. And all data of the app is stored either locally or on iCloud.

There is nothing else to say, really.


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I did it. I made something I’m proud of. And after all these long months of development, I can finally move on. But before that, I would like to thank a few people who helped make the app what it is today. Thanks to Théo, Kévin and Alexis for their help on the app, to my mum and my relatives for the support, and, for the more technical side of things, to Jack Flintermann for the Dwift library and John Sundell for the Plot library.

And finally, I thank all the artists, developers and people who inspired me all those years.